Flipple SS-Sシンプルシッピーブリスター - B00GI2CIYK

Flipple SS-Sシンプルシッピーブリスター - B00GI2CIYK
Flipple SS-Sシンプルシッピーブリスター - B00GI2CIYK
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  • Flipple SS-S Simple Sippy Blister

  • Funneling adapter that turns bottled water into a sippy bottle. Remove the sippy spout and replace with a nipple for a baby bottle. Made in the USA and BPA Free. Flipple's Simple Sippy lightens the load by allowing the baby bottles and sippy cups to stay at home. Buy bottled water on the go so your toddler can safely be hydrated and easily switch back and forth between sippy bottle and baby bottle to suit their needs. Flipple can be used with most standard collars and nipples and has many additional uses that do not include babies. Now experience the freedom Flipple gives you to go out and stay out and never fear unpredictable feeding situations again.

    • Safe, fast and easy hydration while on the go.
    • Turns 99% of bottled water products into baby bottle.
    • Emergency baby bottle.
    • Built in funnel for adding formula.
    • Grows with baby when special sippy top replaces nipple.
    • Dimension - 7.25 x 2.5 x x 5 in.
    • Item weight - 2 oz.

    Flipple SS-Sシンプルシッピーブリスター - B00GI2CIYK

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